Breast Enhancement Treatment

Lifts and tones breasts

The Breast Lift is a non invasive, non surgical, pain free breast enhancement treatment. Breasts are lifted and toned.

How does it work?

The procedure uses vacuum therapy suction. The vacuum suction causes the breast muscles to contract and strengthen which cause the breast to become firmer and tighten the muscles. The muscles will have a more permanent state during a full course of treatments and become more toned and stronger which leads to a fuller, lifted breast appearance.

Whilst you relax on the couch, cups are attached to the breast for the duration of the treatment. The treatment is very relaxing and the only discomfort you may feel is the vacuum suction on application and will be adjusted to your comfort level.

Please note results can vary dependent upon breast size. This is very much about managing expectations. Please discuss this with your therapist.

This treatment is a process and 10 sessions are required for optimum results.

Maintenance sessions thereafter to keep breasts toned.

(Not suitable for individuals with implants)


£520 for a course of 10


After course of treatment

Treatment Time

40 minutes

Down Time


Potential Risks

Redness and tenderness

How long results last

Long term if full course completed


Under 18
Metal plates or pins
Recent surgery (12 months)
Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy
Skin diseases
Scar tissue
Vascular condition

Consent from GP

High or Low blood pressure
Thread veins
Varicose veins